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“Empowering Healthcare through Innovative Telemedicine Solutions”

Abi Global Health is a company that provides innovative telemedicine solutions, partnering with leading insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and digital health providers. Their integrated AI and doctor-enabled texting solution aim to deliver a seamless and modern communication experience for insurance carriers, increasing positive customer engagement and reducing costs to claims. Abi Global Health also offers services such as micro consultations, video consultations, voice consultations, medication prescriptions, and mental health reviews. Their deep technology combines the power of AI, machine learning, and real doctors to revolutionize healthcare and empower doctors with artificial intelligence. The company has a global network of multi-specialty healthcare professionals and supports over 24 languages in 37 countries, with over 1000 doctors and nurses. Abi Global Health is committed to sustainability and compliance, and their services are designed to remove barriers to telehealth utilization.