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“Preserving the value of money, ensuring low and stable inflation.”

The Bank of Canada is the country’s central bank, working to maintain low and stable inflation to preserve the value of money. They play a crucial role in the Canadian economy by implementing monetary policy, overseeing the financial system, and managing the country’s currency and funds. Additionally, the Bank of Canada provides educational resources, conducts research, and publishes reports on economic and financial matters. The bank also engages in activities related to climate change and environmental sustainability. With its headquarters in Ottawa, the Bank of Canada operates regional offices and is involved in various aspects of the financial markets, including government securities auctions and market operations. Furthermore, the bank issues banknotes, conducts economic surveys, and provides statistical and research data to the public. The website offers a wealth of information on the bank’s functions, publications, press releases, and economic indicators. For those interested in a career at the Bank of Canada, the website also features current job opportunities and scholarship programs.