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“Empowering Breakthroughs in Life Science Research and Diagnostics”

Bruker is a company that provides high-value life science research and diagnostics solutions, spatial biology and single-cell analysis, unique biopharma and applied solutions, and chip cytometry for immunology and immuno-oncology research. The company offers a range of products and solutions, including the BEAM process FT-NIR spectrometer, the SPR #64 platform, the Hysitron TI 990 TriboIndenter, the D6 PHASER benchtop XRD platform, the XTrace 2 X-ray source, and the SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition. Bruker also offers advanced customer services throughout the lifetime of the instrument to ensure maximized uptime and optimized productivity. The company’s technologies enable groundbreaking neuro research, imaging of human neurons integrated into rat brains, and advancements in NMR technology. Additionally, Bruker’s XRF technology is advancing livestock feed analysis and ensuring honey authenticity.