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“Go, Eat, Get, Pay – Simplifying Lives with Every Ride and Service”

Careem is a transportation company that offers a variety of services including rides, taxi, bike, car rental, school rides, food delivery, dine-out, groceries, supermarkets, delivery, home cleaning, salon & spa, tickets, pharmacy, flowers, and donations. They also provide corporate packages, restaurant delivery, B2B delivery, and pay merchant solutions for partners. Careem’s purpose is to simplify and improve people’s lives while also building an inspiring organization. They also focus on their social impact and have a blog where they share insights and updates about the company. Careem operates in multiple regions and is committed to creating cutting-edge technology to build a lasting tech institution. They also offer career opportunities and have a dedicated section for their engineering team. For their services, they have an app available on the App Store and Google Play.