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“AI-Powered Marketing Automation for Personalized Communication and Efficient Automation”

Connectly is an AI-powered marketing automation platform that offers products and solutions for businesses and developers, with a focus on multichannel connectivity, AI insights and analytics, and generative AI product recommendation engine. The company integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and help desks, and supports over 20 languages. Connectly has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Inc., and has garnered positive feedback from clients such as Walljobs, ISA Lab, and Brikerr for streamlining workflows, increasing revenue, and improving customer engagement. The platform has also been utilized by companies like Linio, Daki, and Lipigas to achieve significant improvements in revenue, engagement rate, and operational efficiency. With a strong emphasis on AI-driven personalized communication and efficient automation, Connectly aims to deliver impactful results for businesses.