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“Connecting top-tier talent with innovative companies for a brighter future.”

Equally Talent is a US and Europe-based recruitment agency that specializes in helping startups, small, and mid-size companies hire top-tier talent in various fields such as IT, Engineering, Administrative, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and Finance. The company offers recruiting and staffing services, as well as investor lead generation services through Equally Investments. Equally Talent also provides career counseling and recruitment courses for individuals, and is involved in charity projects. The company values transparency, prioritizes building strong relationships with clients and candidates, takes ownership of the recruitment process, and uses a data-driven approach to make strategic talent decisions. The founding team consists of Iryna Nevozhai and Valeria Lyalina, who have extensive experience in talent acquisition and people management. The company also maintains a blog and news section covering topics related to hiring, recruitment, and career development.