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“Empower Your Business with Groupement Les Mousquetaires”

Groupement Les Mousquetaires is a major European retailing group with a unique “Producers & Retailers” positioning, offering a wide variety of businesses and career opportunities. The group operates multiple supermarket and convenience store chains such as Intermarché and Netto, as well as DIY stores like Bricomarché, Brico Cash, and Bricorama, and mobility service providers including Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise. Additionally, the company has several subsidiaries including Agromousquetaires, IMMO Mousquetaires, and logistics services. The group is committed to sustainability, ethical business practices, and has a foundation called Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires. It also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to join the group and become independent store owners. The company has recently issued a fraud alert regarding unauthorized use of its identity for fraudulent real estate investment schemes. For those interested in joining the group, there are opportunities to become a Mousquetaire and benefit from the strength of a group comprising over 3,000 entrepreneurs and 150,000 employees while maintaining independence. The group also offers a wide range of career opportunities across various fields such as marketing, production, logistics, and information systems. The company’s website provides further details about its various businesses, news updates, and career opportunities.