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“Empowering IoT Solutions for Smarter Workplaces and Buildings”

Haltian Oy is a technology company that specializes in providing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for workplaces, buildings, and various industries. Their solutions include workplace reports, desk sharing enablement, workplace experience optimization, parking capacity optimization, asset tracking, remote monitoring of commercial real estate, real-time healthcare solutions, loading dock management improvement, bespoke IoT solutions, and product development services. Haltian offers a range of IoT devices and gateways for different applications, such as Empathic Building for Offices, Thingsee IoT solution, Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution, and custom product development services. The company also provides insights through articles, white papers, webinars, and videos, and offers an exclusive starter kit offer to kick-start the journey towards success. Haltian has an extensive list of clients and partners and values privacy and customer satisfaction.