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“Crafting SaaS solutions to power B2B relationships.”

Lempire is a company based in Paris, France, that focuses on crafting SaaS products to help B2B professionals build powerful relationships for their businesses. Their products, including lemlist and lemwarm, aim to help businesses start conversations with prospects through ultra-personalization at scale and keep their emails away from spam, ensuring deliverability. Lempire also offers lemverse, an online workspace to build the future of work relationships. Additionally, the company provides resources such as lempod, lemshow, and lembook, sharing the story of three entrepreneurs who built a thriving business from the ground up and the secrets behind launching and growing a $150M startup from scratch. Lempire’s CEO, Guillaume Moubeche, has shared insights and experiences through various podcasts and blog posts, detailing the company’s journey from $0 to a $150M valuation in 3.5 years and providing advice on achieving the impossible and achieving success through bootstrapping.