About Company

“Empower Your Global Enterprise with AI-Powered Translation”

Lilt is an AI-powered translation platform that offers an all-in-one Generative AI solution for global enterprise marketing, product, sales, content, support, legal, and more. The platform integrates directly with existing enterprise systems and combines human ingenuity with Verified AI to guarantee the highest quality language translation services with the industry’s most rigorous QA program. Lilt’s AI-powered translation services have been trusted by innovative AI-native enterprises, government teams, and startups, and have received positive feedback from companies like Intel, ASICS, and Canva. The company also offers a range of resources, including eBooks, web pages, and software, and serves various industries such as technology, retail & consumer goods, government, travel & hospitality, financial services, healthcare & life sciences, media & communications, professional services, manufacturing, and gaming.