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“Reimagining the path from insight to outcome at The New Speed of Possible™.”

Logistics Management Institute (LMI) is a consulting firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions for government and commercial clients. LMI offers services in areas such as applied AI, digital health and well-being, lifecycle management and modernization, mission engineering, and strategy and transformation. The company is dedicated to supporting various markets including defense, health and civilian, homeland security, intelligence, and space, by combining market-leading resources, partnerships, and development capabilities to accelerate mission success. LMI’s commitment to its mission and people is evident through its strategic advisory services, innovative digital solutions, and a collegial environment that fosters innovation and inspiration. The company also provides career opportunities for individuals looking to contribute to the nation’s needs through their advanced analytics practice and service lines. For more information about LMI, you can visit their website at [lmi.org](https://www.lmi.org).