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“Protecting communications, data, and people – Mimecast, your global email security partner.”

Mimecast is a global company that provides advanced email security, cloud archive, and security awareness training solutions. With a focus on protecting communications, data, and people, Mimecast offers products and services to defend against sophisticated email threats, simplify compliance, and create security-savvy employees. The company also offers solutions for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, as well as various partner programs and resources such as a resource library, cybersecurity blog, customer stories, and events. Mimecast, established in 2003, is trusted by over 42,000 organizations worldwide and is known for its global threat intelligence network and AI-powered products. The company is committed to building a better business for its people and customers, as well as maintaining a diverse community of over 3,600 partners. For more information, visit [Mimecast](https://www.mimecast.com/).