About Company

“Empowering AI Data Infrastructure with High-Performance Object Storage”

MinIO is a high-performance, S3 compatible object store designed for large scale AI/ML, data lake, and database workloads. It is a software-defined solution that can run on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. MinIO is dual-licensed under open source GNU AGPL v3 and a commercial enterprise license. The company offers a range of features including multi-site replication, global identity and access management, encryption, bucket and object immutability, versioning, data life cycle management, automated data management interfaces, monitoring, scalability, and AWS S3 compatibility. MinIO provides solutions for modern datalakes, AI storage, integrations, SQL Server, Commvault, Snowflake, Splunk, Veeam, HDFS migration, and VMware. It is trusted by leading data enterprises and is known for being the world’s fastest growing object storage system. The company is based in Redwood City, CA, United States and offers commercial licenses to ensure production success across various use cases and industries.