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“Affordable prescription drugs, personalized care, and transparent solutions – Navitus Health Solutions”

Navitus Health Solutions is a company dedicated to providing affordable prescription drugs to individuals who need them. They aim to disrupt the pharmacy services industry by treating their members as individuals rather than just numbers, believing that transparency and trust are essential in an industry that impacts millions of people’s wellbeing. Navitus is committed to making a real difference in their customers’ lives and helping them afford the medicine they need. The company also supports plan sponsors and health plans in achieving their unique goals and helps members make the best benefit decisions. Navitus Health Solutions serves a wide range of clients and is focused on putting people first. They have accreditations from NCQA and URAC, and their business philosophy revolves around 100% pass-through, lowest net cost, and excellent clinical care. The company’s dedication to improving health and reducing costs is evident in their approach to pharmacy benefits. For more information, visit their website at