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“Empowering Sustainability and Diversity in Retail and Tourism”

REWE Group is a German diversified retail and tourism company with a presence in 21 European countries and employing over 384,000 individuals. The company operates in various business segments including supermarkets, discount stores, DIY stores, and travel agencies. REWE Group is committed to sustainability and has a comprehensive sustainability strategy focused on areas such as green products, energy, climate, environment, and societal engagement. The company also actively engages in political discussions and takes a stance on various political issues. Additionally, REWE Group is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive work culture and has initiatives supporting LGBTIQ, women’s empowerment, internationality, inclusion, and cross-generational work. The company’s commitment to responsible business practices is evident through its compliance management and digital responsibility. REWE Group also publishes annual business and sustainability reports and actively engages with the media through its newsroom and various publications. The company offers various career opportunities and emphasizes its role as a responsible employer with a focus on employee development and well-being.