About Company

“Connect Globally, Innovate Responsibly – SES, Your Satellite Solutions Provider”

SES is a global satellite operator with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, providing video broadcast and data connectivity services to various industries such as aviation, broadcasters, cloud, cruise, energy, government, maritime, platform operators, sports organizations, and telco & MNO. SES offers global coverage and is known for its O3b mPOWER, a new constellation of MEO satellites enabling guaranteed, high-performance services. The company is committed to operating in a socially responsible way and offers customer terms, offices, and vendor information for its global satellite services. SES also provides insights, case studies, and podcasts, and has a strong presence in the environmental, social, and governance sector. The company also focuses on investor relations, news, and career opportunities, and is dedicated to the development and innovation of satellite technology and connectivity solutions.