About Company

“Empowering Scientific Discovery through Informatics Expertise”

Zifo is a scientific informatics services company that specializes in providing a full range of specialist scientific informatics services to science-driven organizations in various industries. Their services include digital transformation coaching, business analysis, program and project management, managed services, validation, and custom development and integrations, supported by expertise in cheminformatics, bioinformatics, data science, cloud, HPC, instrument data, multiomics, data modeling, semantics, and AI & ML. Zifo supports industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, food and beverage, contract research organizations, agriculture technology, FMCG, specialty chemicals, and oil and gas, aiming to help these organizations innovate for a better future. They also have a high retention rate in their industry and emphasize working together with scientists to make a real difference. Zifo’s website is available at [zifornd.com](https://zifornd.com/).